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About Al-Fateh

The Muslims rushed to liberate Constantinople for honored as promised by Allah in the Hadith. However, the campaign's launch to fail. Among them, five campaigns in the Kingdom of the Umayyad era, an era government campaigns and two campaigns in the Abbasid era Usmaniyah Government.
In one campaign during the Umayyad government, a great friend of the Prophet that Abu Ayyub Al Ansary RA were martyred and buried under the walls of the fortress city of Constantinople on his will alone. When asked why he wanted to be buried there, so he replied, "Because I want to hear derapan footprints horse best of the king who will lead the best of soldiers when they liberate Constantinople. That faith is a friend of big teguhnya Messenger.
Hadith, the Prophet was realized almost 800 years later by Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih, the caliph to-7 Usmaniyyah government troops and 150,000 people.
Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih Who? What military prowess and his army so-called "best of kings" and "best army" in the hadith.
He was born on March 29, 1432 AD at Adrianapolis (border of Turkey - Bulgaria).However, real life stories he has started almost 800 years before his birth as it is referred to as "the best of kings" in the above Hadith. He is also known by the title of Muhammad Al Fatih because success liberate Constantinople.
He ascended the throne at the age of 19 years and ruled for 30 years (1451-1481).He was a great statesman and military commander who leads his own 25 general war campaign. He died on May 3, 1481 due to gout. There are historians believe he died poisoned.
He received a comprehensive and integrated education. In the field of religion, the teacher is Sheikh Shamsuddin Al Wali said a descendant of Sayyidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq ra. In the science of war was, he taught the tactics of war, archery and horseback riding by the military chiefs.

In the academic field, he was a leading scholar of his time is fluent in seven languages, namely Arabic, Latin, Greek, Serbian, Turkish, Persian, and Hebrews.Science Governance in hand, his father, Sultan Murad II, with the aim of educating, while going to the island of Magnesia bersuluk, has appointed his 12-year-old Acting Caliph. In this young age he has matured to handle worst enemy.
He had always been tawadhu 'and low self-esteem. In developing the Rumeli Fortress Hissari, he opened his shirt and serbannya, lifting stones and sand to scholars, clerics and ministers had to follow the same work
He is always a calm, quiet, brave, steadfast, resolute and strong government secrecy.He is very loving scholar, and always talk to them about the problems of the country.
During the two years after accession, he reviewed the city plan Costantinople every night to identify the point of weakness. He also reviewed the reasons for the failure of previous campaigns and to discuss with the chiefs of the army about the appropriate strategy to use.
He ordered built modern war equipment such as big guns that can fire 300 kg bombs as far as 1 mile. Hissari Rumeli Fortress is built on the banks of the European side, about 5 miles from the city of Constantinople in the Bosphorus Strait is the narrowest.It was built opposite Anadolu Hisar fortress on the banks of Asia which was built by Sultan Bayazid Yildirim first. The fort was closely control the ships crossing the Bosphorus Strait. The peace deal made with the Wallachia, Serbia and Hungary to Constantinople when attacked later withdrew.
He brings together scholars, experts and motivation to fight for the burning spirit of jihad army. Upon approaching the wall of the fortress city of Constantinople, he ordered touted Azan and prayers. Byzantine army afraid to see 150,000 troops behind the Islamic prayer call of their leader by voting to break the silence of nature interpretation.
Launched an attack on Constantinople
After all the preparations complete set, and he sent messengers to the king asking him to surrender Bizantin. His refusal resulted in the besieged city. On 19 April 1453, the attack began. The shells rained on the city for 48 days. Half an outer wall of the middle wall is damaged but still intact.
Mobile Tower
Next he ordered the use of mobile towers higher than the Byzantine fortress walls and includes hundreds of soldiers. Byzantine army managed to destroy the tower after it had penetrated the wall of their central stronghold.

Pope in Rome sent a fleet of 5 aid filled with weapons and soldiers. Golden Horn Bayspan with an iron chain to prevent the advance of the fleet Usmaniyah. This raised thespirit of armies Bizantin.

Warship Launches From Mountain Peak

Their excitement soon. The next morning, they were surprised by the presence of 72warships in the Gulf Usmaniyah Golden Horn. This is the result of the wisdom of histransport ships over the mountains and then released back into the Golden Horn Bay.This tactic is recognized as one of the tactics of war (warfare strategy) is the best inthe world by Western historians themselves. The ships are then bombarded the citybehind a wall of defense.

Kapal-kapal perang tentera Byzantin habis terbakar kerana bedilan meriam Usmaniyah. Pertahanan Byzantin menjadi semakin lemah. Baginda mengambil kesempatan pada malamnya dengan memberikan semangat kepada tenteranya serta mengingatkan mereka kepada Hadis Rasulullah saw dan bersama-sama berdoa kepada Allah swt.
Memanjat dan Melastik Dinding Kota
Keesokan paginya tentera Usmaniyah cuba memanjat dinding dalam kubu dengan tangga dan cuba merobohkannya dengan lastik besar. Tentangan sengit pihak Byzantin   menyebabkan ramai yang syahid. Baginda memerintahkan tenteranya berundur dan bedilan meriam diteruskan sehingga tengahari.

Siege for 1 days 5 night without any signs of success has caused a feeling of boredom and remove his military confidence. At this critical time to raise the spirit of his troops he spoke, "O tenteraku, I am prepared to die in the way of Allah. Anyone who wants to follow me a martyr! ".
Listen to it, Ulubate Hasan, one of the soldiers he led a small group of 30 soldiers to open and jump into the enemy stronghold memacak then the flag of Islam in situ. They were all killed after being bombarded enemy arrows. Then the Islamic armies invaded the currents penetrate the defense line string while chanting the word Byzantine Allahu Akbar.
Capture of Constantinople
On May 29, 1453, City of Constantinople fell to Islam. He changed his name to Islambol (on whole). Church of St Sophies converted to mosque Aya Sofiya.Tawadhuknya smear him with his forehead to the ground and do prostrations of gratitude. Since this incident he was given the title "Al Fatih" is a win for the successful release of Constantinople.
Best of the Best KING AND ARMY
On the first Friday prayer to be established, the question arises who is eligible to become a priest. He ordered all his soldiers, including himself up then asked, "Who among us since puberty until now never leave even the obligatory prayers at all please sit down!". No one is sitting, because none of them had left the obligatory prayers.
He asked, "Who among us that since puberty until now never leave prayers rawatib please sit down!". Some of the soldiers sat.
Then he asked, "Who among you since puberty until now never leave even one night of prayer tahajjud, please sit down!". This time, all seated, except for Muhammad Al-Fatih Sultan himself. He never left the obligatory prayer, Prayer and Prayer Tahajjud rawatib Circumcision since puberty. This is the education of children Shamsuddin Sheikh Al Wali. Bagindalah the best king that was signed by the Prophet in the hadis.